About Kate

I was born in Boston and grew up in a small New England town, but I have always felt a strong pull towards Europe. I studied French and Italian at University (in Pennsylvania) and took every opportunity to study abroad. After graduating and working for two years in New York City, I got the itch for the countryside of my imagined motherland, moved to France (to teach), then Italy (to farm), then London (to get a Master’s in Media Studies at the LSE) for a year. It turned into longer, many years longer, two more languages under my belt, and eventually a British citizenship ceremony. I love London. I may be its biggest fan. But I do miss my family, the beach in my hometown, and hot summers!

I have always been a juggler (or a plate-spinner?) of interests, passions and projects, but yoga and time have taught me how to simplify and focus. I’ve put several hobbies aside (including piano) to become the best yoga teacher and health coach I can be, while maintaining a desk job in the media industry. Life is a balancing act but it should be a fun one, not a stressful one. Like my metronome taught me when learning the piano, keeping a steady pace is essential to move forward effortlessly and to find space to breathe. I feel extremely lucky to have found my calling in teaching and coaching. Both inspire my creativity, satisfy my interest in the miraculous moving, breathing human body, and help me and those I work with to grow and lead healthier and happier lives.

I also love writing. I love sharing stories. I don’t have a degree in journalism, but my writing is honest and open-hearted, and I hope my words help to heal and inspire people on some level. That’s why I started a regular newsletter for my yoga and health coaching clients and the blog on this site. I don’t like to take anything for granted or leave anything undigested and writing is my way of assimilating my experiences. My blog is a special place for an accumulation of inspiration that can be consulted on a need-to or want-to-know basis, with pretty images to look at too.

About TheKateWay

TheKateWay is the name of my site and blog. It’s not the name of my approach. You may have guessed this already, but it’s meant to sound like ‘gateway’ and ‘Kate’s way’ but it’s not meant to sound like ‘my way is awesome and the only way and you should do what I say.’ No way. There is no one way. We should all have a way. I’m sharing mine in hopes it will inspire you to discover your uniqueness. I have a lot of experience working through murkiness in the mind, cleaning up my diet, finding a way to lead a life full of joy and good health and no deprivation. So I thought I would share. Come walk through the gate…haha. Really – it’s just catchy isn’t it? What’s your way?

Given my passion for movement, food and culture, you can be guaranteed that my blog will include entries covering: yoga (I attend a lot of workshops and teach extensively), food (always experimenting with nutrition and developing knowledge in this area), cultural events (things that I think contribute to a fulfilling and colourful life), interviews (with people creating inspiring and sustainable business focused on making us more aware about what we eat, wear, consume), healthy recipes (the ones that I have mastered and make a regular part of my regime – learning to cook is fundamental to eating healthier), and travel (inspiration on all the above topics from outside of London). It’s a celebration of all the choices we have out there to inspire a life full of good food, good fun and good feelings. That’s my way.

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