I heartily recommend Kate’s classes. Whatever my mood or circumstances, she restores me to a chilled, happy me, at my best. She is radiant and serene, and has a lovely way about her. While she is teaching (classes full of variety and yet also returning to the security of familiar sequences of asanas) she imparts gentle thought provoking words of wisdom in her beautiful voice, that stay with us in our daily lives. The yoga is first class, and the added bonus of meditation has enriched my days.
– Niki Medlik, Graphic Designer
I have the great pleasure of having wonderful yoga lessons from Kate Lovell over the past 5 months or so. Having done yoga in the past I felt it was time for me to go back to it but had real trouble finding the right teaching. As a professional violinist and singer, it is imperative for me to totally trust that I won’t injure myself physically in any way when doing any kind of exercise, and yoga is no different in this respect. I think Kate has the rare and great gift of all good teachers, the ability to totally communicate clearly and safely the postures and their nature, but more importantly she has an innate understanding of the deeper spiritual meaning of yoga, and somehow manages to combine all these things and make them totally enjoyable, not too intense but well focused so that after a session I always feel totally different and much more with myself however I may have been feeling when I arrived. I love Kate’s character and truly feel she is destined for great things with her yoga teaching, I feel so lucky to catch her at this stage as have a feeling that she will be running her own yoga empire in a few years’ time:) – Lizzie Ball, Musician (written at the beginning of my yoga teaching career five years ago)
I really love your classes, and your playful flows and approach. You have an amazing ability to bring the energy of the room together, it is magical! – Elizabeth, Recruitment Consultant
I would wholeheartedly recommend Kate to anyone who is keen to start their yoga journey, in fact, I regularly pass her contact details to any of my friends who express an interest in starting classes. I found the atmosphere of some flow classes intimidating when I first began and Kate’s gentle and encouraging teaching style really helped me to learn at a pace I felt comfortable with. She is a wonderful, inspirational teacher and I credit her with sparking my passion for yoga. – Stacey Coglan, Media Relations Manager
When Kate teaches I have absolute trust in the knowledge I will leave her yoga class feeling on top of the world! Her teaching style is gentle yet challenging and I love the focus she gives to alignment and how our bodies move, her students have great body awareness. Off the mat too, Kate is an inspiration to all of us to make positive changes to our lifestyles, and proof that yoga gives you the balance and confidence to start fulfilling your dreams. – Lianne, Designer
I started yoga just over a year ago and immediately found that Kate’s classes resonated with me. Kate has such an intuitive way of teaching and I find that no matter what my mood or energy levels are I always come away feeling that it was the perfect class for what I needed at that time. I also love that she varies her classes according to the moon cycles and includes spiritual readings, anecdotes and some wonderfully varied soundtracks, which keep class fresh and means there’s always something different to look forward to. – Tara, Health Coach
I experienced the most amazing week in beautiful Sardinia practicing Vinyasa flow with Kate. Kate exceeded all of my expectations as a yoga teacher; the sessions were the perfect mix of spirituality, physiology, relaxation, and fun.  Kate brought so much to the class and her passion is evident continuously.  I left every morning feeling refreshed, at peace, and so much better in my body. I understand so much more from learning from Kate and can’t wait to attend her class in London.  Kate’s in-depth knowledge of specifics like women’s yoga, inspirational poems during relaxation, meditation techniques, and caring personality were all added bonuses to her excellent teaching skills built over many years of practice and experience.  Kate is best teacher I have come across, just what I needed! – Hannah Chulk

I don’t know how to thank you for your beautiful classes! This morning I did my first sun salutation on my own and I feel great!  I’ve tried many types of yoga in the last six years, quite randomly, but this course is exactly what I needed. I love the way you teach, de-structuring and explaining each component of a movement. I like the way you mix the flow with the “ashtanga” way of holding the asanas for a while and the focus on breathing.  I do a very stressful job and your Saturday classes are the moment I look forward to every week… I cannot think that we have only three classes left! I already know that I’m going to miss them. – Silvia (Beginners Yoga Course)
I love Kate! I love the way she taught, her knowledge, her enthusiasm, the way she made us all comfortable, and I love her listening ear, her interest in other people…she’s my yoga inspiration! – Maria, Charity Worker (Beginners Yoga Course)
Kate Lovell is a wonderful teacher. Her beginners course was a beautiful and profound experience, and I’ve learnt more about yoga over the last five weeks than I had in years of trying different classes and methods… I loved it! – Johnny, Actor (Beginners Yoga Course)
Thanks for the email, but more importantly thanks for the course. It’s been very helpful and I’m glad I was able to make every class. Doing yoga for a few months now has been a great experience, and although I feel a lot more confident than I did when I first started, just out of sheer practice, your tuition has been a massive help, and I’m now starting to really feel the difference in some of my poses. During the last couple of weeks in particular I’ve felt my poses have gained in strength, and they’ve felt more natural and easier (especially following the thigh-squeezing block thing). I’ve obviously still got a lot to learn, but having the time and guidance to be more analytical has proven to be very valuable. – Gary, Artist (Beginners Yoga Course)
The course has helped me understand that Yoga is not a rigid practice of postures that I must learn and stick to. Yoga is a moving mediation, it’s a way of respecting and understanding my body and the way my body moves in spaces. The series of workshops with Kate has made me fall in love with real Yoga and all its benefits. It has kick-started my life-long journey into becoming a yogi. Kate is an extremely conscientious and empathic teacher, having spent years attending various yoga classes and never really getting to grips with how yoga can work for me, Kate has burst that bubble by laying the foundation of knowledge and technique that every practice needs and that is wonderfully exciting. – Lozan (Beginners Yoga Course)
Not only is Kate a knowledgeable and conscientious teacher, but she has some good ideas on how to help students pick up postures and how to make them ‘make sense’. But what really worked for me was the atmosphere that she built up. It can be daunting to enter a studio full of eager practitioners, especially if you’re new to yoga, but Kate started each session with a brief chat. We talked about why we’re doing yoga, what we wanted to gain from the classes and generally about yoga philosophy. This created a good group dynamic and a friendly environment in which trying something new became easier. – Neville (Beginners Yoga Course)
Health coaching with Kate has been an incredible journey for me.  Now, I’m no free spirited, zen type person, I’m more a shut up and get on with it kind of gal. But, being diagnosed with Arthritis 10 years ago, my attitude was beginning to wane, and my flare ups were lasting longer and more painful. I started working with Kate in the August, the month I moved to Canada. Without our monthly updates, I’m not sure how I would have coped with the transition, it’s amazing how two English countries can be so different. Kate helped me get through this, we covered food, recipes, grocery shopping, meditation, exercise, relationships…you name it. I learnt that health isn’t just to do with what you put in your bodies, it’s also how you react to stress, how you spend your free time, how and how much you exercise, your sleep patterns…everything you do everyday. I also learnt to listen to my body, especially after eating. I think my biggest take away from my coaching with Kate, is listen your body, it’s always speaking to you. – Kat, Artist (Health Coaching Client)
I was having more health problems than I ever had in my life and stress at that time was unmanageable so I sought out a different mechanism to help me…It was a great process.  I learned a lot about myself in general and how much your body is connected.  It is more than I ever realized.  I came away with different tools I can use to manage my life and be healthy…One of my main goals was to manage anger and stress.  I think I have become much more aware, whilst it is an endless battle I definitely have more tools at my disposal…I have also learned a lot about how to achieve a healthy lifestyle and diet.  With my job, traveling a lot can make it different but I have started to explore more options on how to achieve it.  And since the programme ended I have gone full steam ahead and am making really good progress.- Marion (Health Coaching Client)
I was a bit anxious at the beginning: money/ time commitment and fear of not achieving much due to lack of discipline and/or difficulty of tasks.  I was expecting a “miracle” as I never thought I could actually get myself into cooking and enjoy too. The “Miracle” happened!  In the process I learnt to cook “different” things and experience cooking as a way of relaxation and creativity…wow!!  Apart from the cooking and creating an interest in healthy eating I am also taking care of myself in other areas: personal space, more yoga, less of the work that I don t want/enjoy and generally I trust and appreciate life a bit more. Kate takes you by hand as a loving mother and lights the torch on the road so you can find/see what you like/need.  It is a seemingly slow process that somehow feels like nothing is happening and that will surprise you with the deep and transforming effects once you look back. Thank you. – Pat, Holistic Therapist and Tutor (Health Coaching Client)
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